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UFOMAMMUT Complete Five-Part Video Series Plus Full Album Stream Via Roadburn
Submitted by on 11-04-2012

Intent on stimulating your visual senses in addition to simply your auditory receptors with each release nowadays, today UFOMAMMUT have released the final two installments completing the series of five visual accompaniments to each track from their Oro: Opus Primum full-length, as the album sees release in Europe this week, and will see release in North America on Tuesday.

Documenting the final two tracks of UFOMAMMUT's Opus Primum, the audio/visual installments of the songs "Magickon" and "Mindomine" finish out the five-part video series that showcases the entire album, following the three previously released clips. To sum it all up, Roadburn.com has hosted the two video pieces, as well as a stream of the entire album. Delve into it all http://www.roadburn.com/2012/04/ufommamut-to-stream-oro-opus-primum-in-its-entirety-exclusively-at-roadburn-2-new-video-teasers-availabel-as-well/

Although this completes the cycle for the Oro: Opus Primum LP, as the second part of the Oro series -- Oro: Opus Alter -- nears release in September, each track from that album will be released in the same visual/audio format. The full visual adaptation of both Opus Primum and later Opus Alter will be available as DVD installments which will accompany the limited edition LP versions of each chapter, hand-build by Malleus Rock Art Labs and released on the band's own Supernatural Cat Records.

For all press requests for UFOMAMMUT and Neurot Recordings, in North and South America contact earsplitpr@aol.com, in Italy contact nora@fleisch-agency.com, in Germany contact ansgar@community-promotion.com, and the rest of Europe contact rarely_unable@yahoo.co.uk.



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